Reblog: “My Lyme Disease Is Not The IDSA Lyme Disease”

My cousin suffers from the debilitating Lyme disease, and referred me to this article by a blogging Lymie (as they call people with Lyme disease). It’s unfortunate that so much of the professional medical establishment still is unwilling to recognize it as a real illness. This thing is chronic, deadly, even, and it ruins peoples lives. It attacks its victims with a host of terrible symptoms, from insomnia to severe dizziness, to migraines and soreness, to utter severe fatigue that can really incapacitate. So I’m taking a little sidestep from my usual fiction reviewing to highlight the need for greater Lyme awareness. We all know about breast cancer and its dangers, and can get info to fight it easily, but how many people really know that Lyme disease exists, and kills, and yet isn’t treated as a real threat by the “medical establishment?”

I am writing this in response to an article from the Chicago Tribune titled “Chronic Lyme disease: A dubious diagnosis”. You may have read it, if not you can find it here. After reading this article I was speechless. I wasn’t fuming, or shaking in anger. I wasn’t outraged. I was sad. Sad, because the disease that I suffer from is being called “dubious”; because I saw the errors, the biased misrepresentation of people that I respect. I’d like to t … Read More

via I’m in the Lyme-Light


Author: David

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