What’s up next

Hopefully before this week is out, I should have up two more short story reviews: “Christmas at Hostage Canyon” by James Stoddard, and “Long Time” by Rick Norwood. Both can be found in the January/February 2011 issue of The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction.

Sometime thereafter, I intend to review the webcomic Lackadaisy Cats, as much of the story as exists at that time (it is currently up to the page titled “Lackadaisy Backalley”). I’ve been rereading from the beginning to get a better feel of the story’s flow, so hopefully I can get a review up within seven days.

And then, sometime in February I will probably finish Stephen R. Lawhead’s Taliesin, the first of his epic and detailed retelling of the Arthurian mythos. I’m loving it so far — he’s putting some fascinating twists on the traditional tales and themes, without missing the point of the original tales as other modern Arthurian authors sometimes do. I’m nearing the end of the novel, so it won’t be long now.

Jeff Bridges as The Beard.

As for movies, well I recently saw Iron Man (2008) for the first time, but I don’t know if I’ll review it, even though it qualifies as science-fiction. Also saw Star Trek (2009) awhile back, and I might do a little review of it, but only if I have extra time. If you want short reviews of them, then here: both are very fun, good-looking action adventures with stuff blowing up real cool and characters that are actually reasonably interesting, if not intriguing. Iron Man is the better of the two, being very solidly constructed and containing Jeff Bridges, who manages to actually act throughout that crazy beard and make the most of an awesome name like Obadiah Stane.


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