Short Film: “After the rain” by Gobelins School of the Image

Fishing with bananas as bait can catch you some strange creatures, apparently.

This may be my favorite of the Gobelins short films so far. It’s a real story, for one. It’s funny, beautiful, energetic, touching, and pretty understandable (despite a heavily fantastic nature). A perfect example is how the blue creature moves: it breaks all the laws of physics, and yet absolutely works for the character. Thinking back, I’m not sure I’d expect it to move any other way. It’s too full of joy and energy to move the way physics says a body its size should.

And while the film’s focus is on the boy and the gargantuanly cute creature, I also find the city itself to be of an intriguing design. All colored boards and awnings, stuccoed towers and rickety piers. Like an enlivening blend of all the different Mediterranean architectural styles. A place I’d like to visit, even if only in more stories like this one. And what’s that rooftop of balloon-things and a huge pool at the end? I don’t know, but I can’t deny it’s pretty neat!

After the rain
(Apès la pluie)


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