Firstly, I wish you all and your families a blessed and wonderful Christmas Eve. Love, joy, peace, patience, giving, sharing, revering, glorying, playing, and many such others should be indulged in. All these are possible because God knew that to save His fallen humanity He must become human Himself, and did so, and died in our place for our failings and sin, and conquered death by raising Himself into glory, that we may be gifted life of the same kind that He has. Such love enables our love, and because of it we find it good and wonderful to share the same with everyone around us. May your days be merry and bright, and may God bless every one!

Now, as you may have noticed, this past month has been filled with things that have kept me from my typical pattern of updating. Work has been long and stressful, family affairs multifarious, story ideas pulling this way and that, and in general I’ve been quite tired. Not that I haven’t been reading. I’ve read quite a lot. Three books have I finished since The Last Unicorn, and a movie or two that I might like to review. I just haven’t had much time to write about them.

Because of this, I am considering the Christmas season to continue well past tomorrow’s holiday and all through New Year’s. And possibly longer. At least one or two of my coming reviews will be Christmas-related, but I know I won’t have them by tomorrow. Hopefully they will appear within the next week, but even that I cannot promise. So although they shall be “late,” I shall defend them by noting that Christmas is merely one day we set aside to reverence and acknowledge that which should be our lifestyle and outlook every day of the year. As such, Christmas is never out of season.