Reblog: *Now* it ends in flame

Very rarely do I reblog other people’s posts. This is one of those times. I simply couldn’t refrain from sharing this latest masterpiece by one of my favorite Tolkien artists, Jenny Dolfen. Please do enjoy. And if you do enjoy the picture, go to her page, “Like” her post, subscribe to her blog, and leave a comment telling her how wonderful her artwork is.

Jenny Dolfen Art

When before, let’s face it, it ended in coffee.

So, since painting “It ends in flame”, I’ve been wanting to do a more fiery version that your average coffee allows. Thanks to liquid watercolours, this now works much better.

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Author: David

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4 thoughts on “Reblog: *Now* it ends in flame”

  1. Wait–one of your favorite Tolkien artists, too? I feel like I’ve been pestering you to take a look at her work for some time. You never told me you finally did! Perhaps because you instinctively knew it would just precipitate a rush of Maedhros fan-girling from me…

    1. *sigh* Okay, let the Maedhros fan-girling begin…

      I still haven’t spent as much time as I’d like going through her art, but I have looked at quite a lot of it since you pointed her out to me, and I really love her style. I’d bookmarked her website some time back, and when I found the blog I subscribed.

      1. Actually, I am showing admirable restraint. I really am. I’m sparing you all the “gorgeous red-headed elves!!!!1!” nonsense, at any rate. I really only blame Jenny for adding wood to the fire (pun fully intended–please kill me now) of a fondness conceived when I first read of Fingon’s rescue of Maedhros from Thangorodrim. It’s still one of my favorite Silmarillion stories. And, I dunno, I went through an angsty period in high school, and thus his tragic family history seemed particularly interesting. So anyway, despite the fact that I should maybe have better sense, Maedhros remains one of my great loves of fiction. Okay, okay, I’m getting out my metaphysical duct tape now…

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