Fare thee well! But I shall continue to be random.

‘Tis finished. I…I confess I did not expect it to occur in such an obtuse, precipitous manner. But I’ve simply no more to say. My hope in starting a blog was that I might find that I had something worthwhile, something of real value, to add to the Internet. And perhaps, at first, I had. But not now. Not anymore.

And so, I must bow out, a dog of a writer, but a dog who knows when his tricks are old and rough.

Wherefore, David, wherefore? you ask. ‘Tis this: I have been surpassed.

And you will agree! After seeing this astounding, brilliant, beautiful, and vigorously entertaining (and subtly philosophical) videographic presentation on the Tube that is for You, what more is there to say? All that I could possibly say in my insensate verbiage is there represented in exquisite gibberish. Adriano Celentano, thou art all I could have hoped to be!

I assure, I am ecstatic with this new arrangement! My reaction upon viewing the video of Adriano Celentano’s amazing show was precisely the same as this. It was enlightenment like no other. At last, I knew! I know…

I know that nothing in the public eye (or browser) awaits me now; no fame, no place as a writer of words that others may cast their eyes upon and with understanding relish. The demiurgic beam that from my mind once sprang with numinous glimmer upon this weblog is now gray and dissolute. I shrink from the blank page, and shall try my digital pen no more.

For after the enlightenment, came this.

Fallow as my brain is, I shall follow in the steps of the one mentor left to me whose example holds the promise of my future. I shall walk his way (in English and Italian). Because now, I just ain’t got nobody.

Adieu…adieu…I do adieu to you…

(I’m sorry, Sam, I’m so, so sorry.)


  1. jubilare says:

    I would remove my hat, if I had a hat and if hats did not scare me. You have indeed been surpassed, my friend, as have I. Unlike you, I have not yet the wisdom to admit defeat.
    Someone has summed up my life better than I ever could in my own words. I hang my head in shame.

    1. David says:

      I love Simon’s Cat! Well, not the cat–the cat’s evil. I love the videos.

      1. jubilare says:

        So do I. The above video is pretty accurate as to my cats’ behavior when they are ready to be fed. Just double the number of cats and remember that they can’t wield baseball bats. Other than this unfortunate similarity, my boys are actually quite sweet… most of the time.
        On a side note, before I realized what yesterday was, i.e. before I really woke up, I was startled and dismayed. An excellent post, however. Just silly enough for me to realize the jest before I could become really distressed at a favorite blogger hanging up his hat.

        1. David says:

          I’m exceedingly glad to hear your distress was temporary (and that my post was silly enough).

  2. Melpomene says:

    I was upset. And then confused. And finally I arrived a stage of enlightenment.

    So long! Farewell!

    1. David says:

      Oh, believe me, I was very confused while writing this. That’s what happens when you’re up too late and want to produce something without actually being productive.

      Actually, the fact that you started out upset is rather flattering. The thought that I might actually be missed if I really did just disappear from the blogosphere without warning is rather comforting. But nope, I think my personal motto is more along the lines of “often late, but never quite gone.”

  3. jubilare says:

    *keels over* …I just noticed the tags on this.

    1. David says:

      Ah, at least someone did! In my humble opinion, I’m much better at writing tags than at writing actual posts. And this isn’t the first time I’ve put jokes in the tag area. Won’t be the last, either. +p

      1. jubilare says:

        I shall have to be wary, then, as I do hate missing jokes. I wonder if I could become better at writing tags than posts. hmm….

  4. jamieahughes says:

    Go with God, my friend. Perhaps we shall meet around the blogosphere some time again soon!

    1. David says:

      Hasta luego, mon cher! (I’m multilingual!)

      Current estimates are that I have at least 5 reviews needing to be finished (and in some cases, started) ASAP, not counting my guest post for Pages Unbound and other more time-flexible reviews (of webcomics I’m reading, mostly) and assorted features (like my series on “Heroes of Old” and “The Mabinogi”). I ain’t goin’ nowhere.

      Well…I mean, hopefully I am going somewhere; rather depressing it’d be if I were dead in the water, metaphorically speaking (let’s not contemplate literally). I’m just going somewhere…that’s here. So I’m basically going around in circles.

      …That explains a lot.

  5. Urania says:

    The girl at the beginning of that first video says something more or less to the effect of, “How is it you’ve written a song with foreign words that don’t mean anything?” Such a ridiculous video! It almost makes me embarrassed for my American English. But I guess we have it coming; we laugh at everybody else’s foreign languages. And really, how are we supposed to get along in this world if we can’t laugh at ourselves? (Psst, it is Spanish in that Young Frankenstein video. You were just testing us, right? In the spirit of April Fool’s Day, of course.)

    And YES, I love Young Frankenstein! My family’s favorite joke is the “Abby Normal” thing. Just whatever you do, don’t throw the third switch!

    Yay for tag humor. Neil Gaiman does the same thing on his blog, and I think it is fabulous. I need to remember this trick…

    Anyway, farewell, and flights of angels, etc, etc. The rest is randomness.

  6. mjschneider says:

    It took me way too long to understand what the hell just happened. I went through the eight stages of Punk’d-ery:
    1. Confusion
    2. Incredulity
    3. Sadness
    5. Anger
    6. Drafting Strongly Worded Letter
    7. Getting the joke
    8. Threatening prankster that if this is not actually a prank, then I revert to stage 6.

    In other words: well played, sir.

    1. jubilare says:

      Ooo… I want to see that letter!

      1. David says:

        I shudder at thought of the just rebukes likely contained therein! +o

    2. David says:

      Dear me! When I was writing this (late at night, tired, on a whim, with a collection of silly YouTube videos), I basically figured the general response would probably be that of detached amusement at my quaint little attempt at a joke. I prayed you would all just humor me and play along so I could pretend I am a funny guy. At the same time, I realized that a byproduct of my not being very good at comedy is that the joke might not be evident. I mean, I sorta wanted to fool you…but not to depress you! I also hoped the ridiculous videos and the fourth wall-breaking tags would be good clues.

      So now I’m trapped between being inordinately proud of myself for actually fooling some very intelligent people and a little shamefaced for temporarily causing distress to some very kind friends.

      Again, I hope the goofy tags and the ridiculous videos will make up for any consternation you may have suffered! ‘-)

      P.S. Another option is for me to introduce you all to the Happy Cyclops: +). This fellow has been my callsign in emails and on Facebook for many years, used especially to convey when I am being silly.

      1. mjschneider says:

        You should feel proud. You should also bake us all cookies.

        1. jubilare says:

          Oh… yeah. Cookies!

  7. Hunter says:

    I was extremely distressed until I realized the date. For a few moments I wasn’t laughing. Having recovered-well played.

    1. David says:

      Rest assured — I would never depart this blog in such a fashion. Not without finishing my Doctor Who reviews, certainly!

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