Short Film: “Dinosaur Battle Town”

Now how can you resist a name like that? Dinosaur Battle Town is a short animated movie that happily delivers exactly what it promises, logic be hanged! For a short, experimental medium like this, I don’t bother to question the practicality of building a town on the back of a massive living dinosaur. That’s beside the point. The point being the Rule of Cool. Dinosaurs are cool, fantasy battles are cool, and towns are…well, towns are needed for lots of cool things to happen. For instance, you can battle over towns. And build them on top of dinosaurs.

This movie — which is funny in its style, though lacking a punchline — will probably leave you thinking: Gee, why isn’t my hometown on top of a gigantic dinosaur?

Dinosaur Battle Town from Eddie West on Vimeo.

…No, it doesn’t make you ask that? Am I the only one?

Directed by: Eddie West


  1. I like the animation style. The way the castle moves as the dinosaur walks made me think of Howl’s Moving Castle. If you can have a hometown atop a dinosaur, can I please have an enchanted castle, complete with fire demon and temperamental wizard?

    1. I still need to see Howl’s Moving Castle. I still need to see all of Miyazaki’s outside of Spirited Away.

      If it ever be in my power to give you that, friend Urania, I will give it. +) But I wouldn’t mind an enchanted castle myself!

      1. I will mark you down on my list. Em is still looking for a talking blue winged horse named Frisbee and a lightsaber for me, both of which I requested when she kindly (but not perhaps very forethinkingly) asked me if she could get me “anything” whilst I was suffering a high fever.

        Too bad (or perhaps luckily) you aren’t visiting for longer, or I’d make you sit down and watch all the Miyazaki I can get my hands on. It might dement you, and then I’d be responsible. 😦 Also, I thought if we have time, I could show you the Last Unicorn movie. Though I will warn you, I will probably cry.

          1. Yes, unaccountably, you did get screened as spam. I’ve approved your comment on my post, but I think I’ll have to get Melpomene, with her executive powers, to unblock the other two. Sorry about that! We Egotists really do love you!

            1. Woot, comment party! (Since it seems we’re all online simultaneously.) Actually, if you guys check back in fifteen minutes or so, I should have my movie review of “The Secret of Kells” up by then.

          2. WordPress usually is pretty solid, but I’ve noticed some odd things like that happen occasionally. Once it appeared to have changed a setting so that even my regular commenters had to wait for me to approve their new comments all over again. And, once, I accidentally clicked “Spam” instead of “Reply” on one of your comments, Anne — but that was fixed in seconds! +)

        1. I would love that! (Seeing The Last Unicorn, naturally, not you crying.) Yeah, I was thinking about all the movie it’d be awesome for us to see together, and decided it’s probably best not to pack more than one or two movies into my short time, simply so we don’t spend so long watching a TV screen. Btw, have you seen The Fall? If not, I will bring it.

          Also, I see I shall have to be careful about making vague offers to get you things…

          1. Thanks for the clarification there. 😉 They’re good tears, though! I’m just so emotionally attached by nostalgia to this movie…

            Yeah, Em still hasn’t learned that “Can I get you anything?” is waaay too open ended. I usually just stare at her, wondering where to begin.

            Yes, I have seen The Fall, about three years ago. I want to watch it again sometime. I heard it is up on Netflix, which is sweet. I’m too lazy to go out and rent things, so Netflix is my main source of movie viewing right now.

            1. Never hurts to be clear. ‘-)

              Alright, just so long as you’ve seen it. And you’ve seen The Secret of Roan Inish before, too, right? If you don’t remember it well, then perhaps I’ll bring it. And to be honest, both those movies are ones that vie strongly to elicit my manly tears, much as I resist them.

            2. I saw The Secret of Roan Inish a loooong time ago. Over ten years, and I have indeed been wanting to see it again. It’s up to you.

            3. Well, can’t hurt to bring it, then.

              …Unless…how familiar are you with Gilbert & Sullivan? More to the point, have you seen the 1983 movie version of “Pirates of Penzance”? Because it’s amazing and I love it and I want to share it with everyone I know. Therese would probably love it too.

            4. I know Therese likes Gilbert and Sullivan. I have seen a live production of Pirates of Penzance, and enjoyed it, though I didn’t catch as many of the words as I’d hoped. It was our first non-Italian or German opera, so we all thought, “Great! We’ll understand it all!” Not so much. Operatic English is still kind of dense.

            5. Yeah it can be, though fortunately G&S operettas are more understandable than out-and-out opera. Also, the DVD has subtitles, which are useful. Even our local G&S theater company has taken to projecting supertitles during the songs, and newcomers laugh a lot more now that they actually get the jokes!

              I may possibly bring it, then. I mean, it’s got Kevin Kline and Angela Lansbury at their comedic best, it was made in the ’80s, and it occasionally reworks some of the music in a more rock-opera style…which sounds horrible but actually works decently, considering the production on the whole is pretty faithful. But I blather. Main point: It’s lots of fun.

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