Spammity Spam III.75 (‘cuz I don’t want to look up the Roman Numeral for 75)

I was just blessed with another goofy spam comment today. Linkbuildingservice writes:

Magnificent beat ! I wish to apprentice while you amend your site, how can i subscribe for a blog website? The account aided me a appropriate deal. I were tiny bit acquainted of this your broadcast offered brilliant clear idea

Unfortunately, grammatically-challenged sir (or ma’am…spam…ma’am spam…), I am not taking apprentices at this time. I am, however, very glad to have aided you an appropriate deal, and I thank you very much for suggesting the term “magnificent beat.” If I ever start a band, that will be on the shortlist for its name.


  1. Urania says:

    If I ever start a band, I want to call it Plastic Lembas. XD

    1. David says:

      Ooo, ouch. Elves everywhere (and probably Samwise) wince at the thought of mass-processed lembas. Which probably is proof that it’s an excellent band name.

      1. Urania says:

        I’m particularly fond of the name Plastic Lembas just because of its origin. Dad and I had a conversation back when I first read LotR with my family (I was about 17–yes, I came to Tolkien late in life! 😛 ). I don’t even know why we were talking about band names, but my dad was noting that they tend to be pretty off-the-wall, nonsensical sometimes. He said something like, “You know, Led Zeppelin. Iron Butterfly. Plastic Lembas!” So there. When we are a band, we will write songs for obscure Tolkien characters. And we might just have to write a silly song about actual plastic lembas. Tolkien, please be still in your grave. I do love you.

        1. Haha, Plastic lembas. I just had to laugh!

  2. Jamie Helton says:

    Haha! I recently did an article about the spam my blog has received:

    I’m glad to see that other people find these messages funny, too.

    1. David says:

      Haha, I like the comments you make on the ones you got, especially referring some of the spambots to each other. Most of the spam comments I get are boring, but occasionally there are a few gems.

      1. Jamie Helton says:

        I’ve been saving up for a follow-up article. While I love the ones that over-do the praise, some seem to be from another planet altogether.

  3. jubilare says:

    Testing to see if I can still post here.
    It seems that I have been blocked from Catecinem, as well, so I think WordPress itself has spammified me! I posted a request for help on the forum, and that looks like it is being treated as spam too, but here’s hoping someone will help me.
    The only thing I can think of is that
    1. someone accidentally classed me as spam, and the system ran with it
    2. I find it suspicious that my last post on bots marks the date of my apparent spamification. I wonder if something in that caused the system to not like me? Seems like a long-shot, as it hasn’t done the same to you, but I figured I would share.
    Bleh. Jubilare not spam, whatever else she may be… 😦

    1. David says:

      Really? That’s a bummer. The only other thing I noticed is that even after I approved a comment by a newcomer to my blog, his subsequent comments still got classed as spam and I had to approve each one individually. So it may not be you alone. Not sure what’s causing it, but WordPress has gone through some changes recently that seem to have thrown various things out of whack.

      1. jubilare says:

        Oh… hmm. Well that gives me more hope, actually. If it isn’t just me, or my doing something stupid I am unaware of, then it might get fixed more quickly.

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