Book Meme 2012 Week 6 – Authorial Proliferation

Topic: Of which author do you own the most books? After all these deep, soul-searching topics the Meme has presented recently, it’s refreshing to have one that is simple math. Just count up the volumes, compare final tallies, and include a few thoughts on the why and wherefore. (Isn’t “the why and wherefore” rather redolentContinue reading “Book Meme 2012 Week 6 – Authorial Proliferation”

Book Meme 2012 Week 5 – Literary Names for Progeny

The other participants in this meme have all written at length about the various difficulties this topic presents, so I will eschew an in-depth discussion in favor of a few caveats. Firstly, in honor of what seems to be the spirit of the topic, I am limiting myself to the names of fictional characters inContinue reading “Book Meme 2012 Week 5 – Literary Names for Progeny”

Movie Review: “Ladyhawke” (1985)

Title: Ladyhawke (1985) IMDb Director: Richard Donner Lead Actors: Matthew Broderick, Rutger Hauer, Michelle Pfeiffer, John Wood Score Composer: Andrew Powell Length: 121 minutes Rating (US): PG-13 Spoiler-free Synopsis: A young pickpocket joins up with a knight and lady as the lovers try to defeat a curse that was set upon them by a corruptContinue reading “Movie Review: “Ladyhawke” (1985)”

Book Meme 2012 Week 4: Best Love Story

Yeesh, I have to answer this again? I already proffered answers twice, no, thrice before, the last of them in this very meme. So perhaps I’ll just elaborate a little more on that one. Patricia McKillip’s The Bell at Sealey Head is one of the more recent books I’ve read, but the romance of JuddContinue reading “Book Meme 2012 Week 4: Best Love Story”

Short Film: “Crayon Dragon”

I’m back! My visit with the exceedingly lovely ladies Melpomene and Urania was a blast, and included a very productive visit to a very large Half Price Books (and Records and MGZNs). I may report on my book finds later. The Meme shall also be taken up again, although upon returning home I was immediatelyContinue reading “Short Film: “Crayon Dragon””

Lateness Updateness

I am terribly late. Either that or I have stumbled into an oppositional timestream in which my wakeful early-birdiness is being malignantly transposed into bloggardly procrastination. Tempting as that prospect is, it leaves me in nullibiety. No, I am simply late. Late on the Book Meme, though it is so gracious as to be weekly.Continue reading “Lateness Updateness”

Book Meme 2012 Week 3: Magnificent Villainy

Topic: Which literary villain is the best?  Even acknowledging the great diversity of ways a villain can be a good character, and the difficulty of finding a paragon of one such Way that can be judged higher than those of other Ways, the shortlist for this topic was easy to compile. The reason is simple:Continue reading “Book Meme 2012 Week 3: Magnificent Villainy”