Lateness Updateness

I am terribly late.

Either that or I have stumbled into an oppositional timestream in which my wakeful early-birdiness is being malignantly transposed into bloggardly procrastination.

Tempting as that prospect is, it leaves me in nullibiety. No, I am simply late.

Late on the Book Meme, though it is so gracious as to be weekly. Late on many promised reviews, the books and movies of which were finished weeks, or even months, ago. Late even on commenting on my friends’ blogs, though I claim exoneration at least on the other Book Meme posts, since my goal was not to comment until I had posted my own choices.

I prostrate myself at your various (hopefully washed!) feet and beg your forgiveness. For though I am laboring to catch up, the lateness will nonetheless continue for at least the coming week. And this particular gap I make no apology for.

Because this Thursday through Tuesday, May 10th through the 15th, I shall be Away from my Computer.

*gasp* No! Never! It cannot Be! ‘Tis Unheard Of!

But yes, dear friends, ’tis! Heard of. And IS. For I am venturing a Visit to my very excellent Friends, Urania and Melpomene of The Egotist’s Club. We shall Renfaire (is that a verb?) and video game and speaketh of literate thingseth (and hopefully not lispeth in Faux Englisheth unless it is God’s willeth). And there may be bad jokes.

I have a strong feeling there will be many gloriously bad jokes. Do not fail me in this, friends!


Author: David

I’m a young Christian American reader writer dreamer wanderer walker flier listener talker scholar adventurer musician word-magician romantic critic religious idealist optipessimist man.

6 thoughts on “Lateness Updateness”

  1. I’m sorry, my good sir, but I have, as of this very minute, smashed myself in the kneecap with a cabinet door, and thus all my subsequent joking shall be, alas, lame.

    Err, I think that’s about as bad as they can come. I plead mental exhaustion!

  2. So long as you are not “late” in the mortal sense, all is well.
    Enjoy your computer break! I love taking those, and your trip sounds so fun! May it be safe and enjoyable.

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