Short Film: “Crayon Dragon”

I’m back! My visit with the exceedingly lovely ladies Melpomene and Urania was a blast, and included a very productive visit to a very large Half Price Books (and Records and MGZNs). I may report on my book finds later. The Meme shall also be taken up again, although upon returning home I was immediately thrust into a very long and hectic work week, thus keeping me from the  blogging I had hoped to do. But it shall be continued, never fear!

Also, I bring to you, perhaps as some kind of peace-gift for my long break, a really really fine short film I just found. It’s sweet, touching, beautiful, and even rather funny. It’s by a second-year art student at the California Institute of the Arts. And I’d best let it speak for itself.

Crayon Dragon

Presumed Artist/Director – Toniko Pantoja
Music composed by Denny Schneidemesser
Violinist – Taryn J. Harbridge
Low and Tin Whistle – Kristin Naigus
Sound Design by Glenn Harfagre


Author: David

I’m a young Christian American reader writer dreamer wanderer walker flier listener talker scholar adventurer musician word-magician romantic critic religious idealist optipessimist man.

7 thoughts on “Short Film: “Crayon Dragon””

    1. It’s so simple, but it gets right to the point and is beautiful. It’s kind of amazing how sweet and touching such a short little thing can be, surpassing many of those multi-million-dollar movies that get made each year.

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