Hobbit Read-Along Brainstorm

As you all should know and be unbelievably excited about, the first installment of The Hobbit trilogy directed by Peter Jackson will be released in U.S. theaters December 14 of this year.

Mild Tolkien purist and sometimes übergeek that I am, I like to be up on my Tolkien source material whenever an adaptation comes out. The LOTR trilogy was released right about the time I finished reading the books. Since it’s been close to ten years, possibly more, since I’ve actually read The Hobbit, however, this season seems like the optimum time to return to it.

And I want you to join me! In a Read-Along! (From an unknown source the theme song of Reading Rainbow starts playing…)

I don’t plan on doing a formal review for The Hobbit (or The Lord of the Rings, if I go on and reread them too), so this seems like the best way to share my delight in Tolkien’s story with the blogosphere. Bloggers Krysta (from Pages Unbound) and EmilyKazakh have already expressed interest. We hereby extend invitations to any bloggers who read this, are interested, and are willing to contribute posts.

But I’ve never done a Read-Along before, so I’d appreciate some help in figuring out how to organize this. Our ideas thus far:

  1. We’ll start some time in the fall, perhaps on September 22, Bilbo’s birthday (and the day before my own!).
  2. We’ll take turns blogging about each chapter of The Hobbit. These don’t have to be reviews, just anything that interested you about the chapter or the story thus far.
  3. Everyone comments on each others’ posts, so we get some awesome discussions going!

The part that needs figuring out is #2, assigning chapters to individuals. I’m thinking we should expect two or three posts per week, so that no individual has to worry about writing too much. This isn’t like the Memes, where you have to plan ahead and and keep to a regular schedule. Most of your time for this Read-Along should be spent reading and commenting on other posts, until you get to the few that are your responsibility.

So if you want to participate, say so in the comments below! When we know how many people want to participate, we can start assigning chapters and figuring out how often the posts should be coming.

Happy reading!

EDIT as of 8/16: Applications for official participation are now CLOSED. A preliminary schedule is forthcoming.


Author: David

I’m a young Christian American reader writer dreamer wanderer walker flier listener talker scholar adventurer musician word-magician romantic critic religious idealist optipessimist man.

18 thoughts on “Hobbit Read-Along Brainstorm”

    1. Great! Even if he doesn’t get on the “official” roster, he’s still welcome to post about The Hobbit and comment with us. If he wants, I’ll include his link on the Read-Along page (that I will make once we get started).

  1. I’m very interested in doing this. My wife and I own and run our own business, so time may be an issue here and there. Keep me in mind as plans start to firm up!

    1. Great! I want to see if a few other blogger-friends of mine want to join, and then I’ll do another post with a starting date and a breakdown of the weeks, so people can sign up.

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