“The Hobbit” Read-Along Schedule

Hail, lo, and behold! We have a preliminary schedule for The Hobbit Read-Along! In addition to myself, we have nine participants to split among nineteen chapters. As the host, I have taken the responsibility of the first chapter for myself—unless someone else greatly desires it for themselves, in which case I will happily exchange it for another—and given everyone else two. Postings will be on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

If anyone wants to write on a chapter other than what has been assigned, speak up now so that the schedule can be adjusted before postings begin! As you can see, the first post will appear on Tuesday, September 25th. I thought it fitting to start just after September 22, which is the birthday of Bilbo and Frodo Baggins. The final post will come at the end of November, thus giving us a little bit of time before the release of the first movie on December 14.

You are welcome to approach your posts in whatever manner you want, but in order to relieve you of a little stress, I’ve come up with a few helpful guidelines:

  1. Keep your focus on the chapter at hand, out of respect for the other participants. Obviously, you can refer to events in other chapters as needed to shed light on your chapter, but try not steal someone else’s thunder!
  2. Don’t worry about “reviewing” the chapter; tell us just the thing(s) that really stood out to you. A character’s development, how Tolkien uses the landscape, the presence of humor, whatever. Don’t feel an obligation to talk about something that doesn’t immediately interest you. Follow your gut.
  3. Posts should be as long or as short as you need to say what you want to say.
  4. Comment on as many of the posts as you can! The purpose of this Read-Along is to foster discussion and a shared joy in Tolkien’s story. The easiest way to keep up on all the posts in this series is to subscribe to each of the participants. (It’s good to promote each others’ blogs!)
  5. Have fun! (Such a cliché to end a list this way, but hey, it’s true.)

Once posting begins, I will create a special Page (like the others above my header) where I will link to every official post in The Hobbit Read-Along. You are all welcome to do the same. We want to make it easy for anyone who reads one post to find the others in this series, with as little hassle and as few clicks as possible. In fact, to facilitate this, I may even reblog every one of the official posts, so that even my own updates will link directly to all of yours.

If you read this and are not an official participant, don’t worry: you are still encouraged to read and comment! You are even very welcome to post about The Hobbit on your own and solicit our attention for it; I’d be happy to link to you, if you do, but I just won’t be assigning you a specific chapter in the schedule.

Please leave any other ideas or comments you guys have in the comments section below. Schedule and guidelines can still be modified if we want to. We have over a month before this thing starts!

The official list of participants, excluding me, is thus:
Taliesintaleweaver of Lights in the Library
Brenton of A Pilgrim in Narnia and Princess Madison Jayne
Mary of Grimmella
Emily of WanderLust
Krysta of Pages Unbound
Rob of The Old Book Junkie
novareylin of MySeryniti
Melpomene of The Egotist’s Club

Chapter 1 – An Unexpected Party → 9/25 Tuesday
David (Me!)

Chapter 2 – Roast Mutton→ 9/27 Thursday

Chapter 3 – A Short Rest → 10/02 Tuesday

Chapter 4 – Over Hill and Under Hill →10/04 Thursday

Chapter 5 – Riddles in the Dark →10/09 Tuesday

Chapter 6 – Out of the Frying-Pan into the Fire →10/11 Thursday

Chapter 7 – Queer Lodgings →10/16 Tuesday

Chapter 8 – Flies and Spiders →10/18 Thursday

Chapter 9 – Barrels Out of Bond →10/23 Tuesday

Chapter 10 – A Warm Welcome →10/25 Thursday

Chapter 11 – On the Doorstep →10/29 Tuesday

Chapter 12 – Inside Information →11/1 Thursday

Chapter 13 – Not at Home →11/6 Tuesday

Chapter 14 – Fire and Water →11/8 Thursday

Chapter 15 – The Gathering of the Clouds →11/13 Tuesday

Chapter 16 – A Thief in the Night →11/15 Thursday

Chapter 17 – The Clouds Burst →11/20 Tuesday

Chapter 18 – The Return Journey →11/22 Thursday

Chapter 19 – The Last Stage →11/27 Tuesday


  1. If novareylin doesn’t object, could I trade for Flies and Spiders? As a child, that chapter fascinated me, and I would love a chance to explore it. Other than that (and if novareylin does object), I am good with anything.

      1. Part of me envies a first-time read of The Hobbit! But I did enjoy growing up with the book, so I won’t be consumed with envy.
        After checking out your blog I see that you are a fellow-spider-lover. I should warn you that Flies and Spiders does contain actual spiders. I feel you ought to know this before you give up your right to blog about it. 😉

          1. Thank you! I hope you enjoy every part of the book too!

            Yay indeed! I recently chewed out a pest-control company for spraying the outside of my house when all I wanted was a termite inspection. They didn’t even ask me, they just did it as “a complimentary service.” When I complained they told me that the spray was safe around pets and humans, my reply was “It’s my spiders and bees that I am worried about!” The company representative didn’t have an answer for that one. My poor arthropods.

    1. No problem! I’ve given Jubilare Chapter 8 “Flies and Spiders” and Novareylin Chapter 9 “Barrels Out of Bond.”

      I can’t claim to suffer any particular remorse in killing spiders — they’re creepy little buggers! Give me snakes and lizards over them anytime, even beetles. +)

      Oh, but I do envy the experience of reading The Hobbit for the first! Novareylin, have you read The Lord of the Rings before?

      1. Thank you, David!

        I will save most of my rant on the subject of indiscriminate arachnicide for my upcoming post on the event in question. I will say this, though. I have no proof, yet, that my snakes and lizards have escaped the travesty unscathed. If I don’t see my garter snake or blue-tailed skinks soon, I will assume that they either ate poisoned crickets and died, or left for want of crickets to eat. Then I will sit down and cry like a baby. 8_8

          1. My comfort is that God made his creation very resilient. I am sad and frustrated that this has happened, but I remind myself that things will recover.

  2. You. Are. Brilliant. Thank you for setting this up, and I get chapter two? I am perfectly happy with that. It’s one of my favorites!

    Thanks again! So excited.

    1. That’s the chapter I got to read aloud to my nephews recently! A very, very fun one.

      You’re welcome! I’m excited, too. Gonna be good.

      1. It *is* going to be good! I keep going to bookstores and seeing The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings for sale and getting so excited! For the movie, yes, but also for this!

  3. Calloo! Calay! Oh frabjousday!

    There is a chance that I will be teaching The Hobbit to my fifth graders this Fall, so it will be PERFECT!

  4. Reblogged this on jubilare and commented:
    I was already preparing to read The Hobbit again, and now I get to read it along-side others and read interesting thoughts about the chapters! I also get to write about Mirkwood, which makes me want to jump up and down gleefully. Not that I wouldn’t have written about it anyway, even without this read-along.
    I am looking forward to this!

  5. I actually have not read Lord of the Rings either. Although I love the movies and the game, I just have never sat down to do it. So this year changes that! Really excited!

    Blue tailed skinks are gorgeous! But yes, I love everything. I don’t kill anything and yell at my hubby if he kills something instead of letting me just take it outside. 😀 Jubilare, hopefully everything will come back ok, like you said they’re resilient!

    1. LotR was a challenge for me to get through the first time, but it’s a jewel! I hope you read it and re-read it with as much pleasure as I do.

      Blue-tailed skinks are, indeed, gorgeous. I will kill dangerous spiders when I find them in my house, and I have to take measures against ants in my kitchen and termites, but other than that, I prefer to be gentle. I catch bugs and put them outside, save for wolf-spiders who are welcome in my house at any time. They are my anti-brown-recluse army!

  6. Thanks a lot for including me in this! It’s been years since I last read The Hobbit and I’m really looking forward to revisiting this marvelous story and sharing my thoughts with all of you.

    1. You’re welcome! I think that the challenge, at least for me, will be to not read too far ahead of the post schedule. Ill have to take it leisurely, savoring every bit of the story as I go. Which is a nice way to do it. +)

      1. Oh gosh, you’re not reading ahead of schedule?! Where do you get your self-control, man, and where might I get some?

        1. Well…I’m reading a little ahead of schedule. I just finished “Riddles in the Dark.” But I’m trying not to shoot too far ahead, because I want my thoughts on each chapter to be fresh when someone posts on it.

    1. Really looking forward to this, everyone. I might read it aloud to my son who is turning 8 this fall. Reading aloud has really helped me get the layers within Narnia and E.B. White or Shel Silverstein. I hope it will be the same as we move toward the Middle School novels.

      1. Excellent! The Hobbit is especially good for reading aloud. My 9 year-old nephew has started reading it, and I got to read Chapter 2 (the trolls!) to him and his siblings a few weeks ago. It was lots of fun.

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