2012 Harvey Awards

Since I just remarked on the Hugo Awards, perhaps it’s fair to remark as well on the Harvey Awards.[1] What are the Harvey’s? The Awards for comic books and graphic novels. Here’s the list of the 2012 recipients.

Alright, so the only point of interest for me is the triple win of Kate Beaton for her Hark! A Vagrant! webcomic. The Harvey’s are mostly for print comics, I believe—there are the Eisner awards for webcomics exclusively—but it still has a BEST ONLINE COMICS WORK award. Kudos to Ms. Beaton for winning it. Her strips are often hilarious and witty, poking fun at history, literature, and pop culture in ways that make you see them all in new lights. I still laugh at her strips about Nikola Tesla.

She also took home the SPECIAL AWARD FOR HUMOR IN COMICS, which is quite appropriate, and BEST CARTOONIST, which I’m in a poor position to judge, but I think is probably also appropriate because of how effectively she uses her deceptively-simple, goofball character designs. Well done, Kate!

[1] Fair is fair: El Santo of The Webcomic Overlook tuned me in to both of these.


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