It’s the small victories, really

Io9 just posted a review of the webcomic Next Town Over. Know what this means?

It means that I finally beat them to a webcomic review! For years I’ve been collecting webcomic recommendations from io9, but this time, I got to it first. Huzzah! *high-fives himself*

So, anyway, that’s that.


  1. emilykazakh says:

    *Internet high-five!*

  2. Mary says:

    Ha, I saw that article too. I thought, “wait, I’ve already heard about this!” Very cool.

    1. David says:

      My web influence is grooooooowing! (very slowly)

      1. jubilare says:

        Oh no! Will the fame go to your head? Will you forget your lowly friends!?

        In any case, well done. 🙂

        1. David says:

          Eh, what? Who are you, lowly peasant? I don’t have time for all these petty “commenters!” +p

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