Chapter 6: Out of the Frying-Pan into the Fire

Points of interest.


I’m participating in a Hobbit read along. Links to the earlier chapters/bloggers can be found here.

This chapter jumped around a bit so I’m just going to do like David did and give some thoughts I had while reading.

  • We begin to see Bilbo maturing into a “Hero”! He’s just escaped from the goblins AND his encounter with Gollum. Yet, he worries that the dwarves might still be under the mountain and he is thisclose to turning around and going right back into all that mess he just escaped from so he can rescue them! What’s worse, as soon as he decides this, he stumbles upon their camp where the dwarves are arguing that they don’t need to go back and rescue him! Ouch. To be fair though, Thorin and Co. still weren’t sure Bilbo was worth the trouble and fortunately Bilbo was able to use his cleverness and…

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