The Hobbit Read-Along: Chapter VII, Queer Lodgings

A humorous alternative look at the oddities in Chapter 7, including the dubious wisdom of lodging with a dangerous, tempestuous were-bear.

The Old Book Junkie

WARNING: I fully intended to write a straightforward reflection on chapter VII of The Hobbit. Really. But something happened as I started writing and I couldn’t stop myself. So I went with it, for good or ill. You have been warned.

So I’m reading chapter VII of The Hobbit, called “Queer Lodgings,” and I’m thinking to myself, “Didn’t Bilbo and

Thorin and the boys just have a rest three or four chapters back?” In fact they did, and the chapter was even called “A Short Rest.” Well, not that short really. They spent two weeks in Rivendell as guests of Elrond, for crying out loud! Sure, they had just escaped from some nasty trolls, but don’t you think three or four days would have sufficed?

So here we are four chapters on and the gang is taking another rest. Honestly, is this an adventure or a bed and breakfast tour?…

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Author: David

I’m a young Christian American reader writer dreamer wanderer walker flier listener talker scholar adventurer musician word-magician romantic critic religious idealist optipessimist man.

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