Giving Voice to the Story: On Reading the Hobbit Aloud to my Son

The joys and difficulties of reading aloud to children; also, how much fun Tolkien must have had reading The Hobbit to his kids.

A Pilgrim in Narnia

This blog is part of The Hobbit Read-Along at The Warden’s Walk. I’ve been assigned Chapter 14: Fire and Water. Feel free to comment on any of the great blogs in the series.

When I jumped into the Hobbit Read-Along, I never imagined that I would struggle to read two chapters a week. I am a slow reader, but given time I’ll find my way from book cover to dust jacket. But as I launched into this merry fellowship of nine writers, I didn’t account for the fact that I would be reading aloud to my son. Since the very beginning, we’ve been scrambling to cover two chapters a week.

Reading aloud to a curious 7¾ year old has challenges beyond sheer volume. The Hobbit is more complex than some of the other books we’ve read. We have only one book left in the Narnia Chronicles…

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