Chapter 15: The Gathering of the Clouds

A few very good observations.


Only a few more chapters left! Which means it’s only a few more weeks before The Hobbit is released!

As a reminder, all previous chapters available by clicking on The Hobbit Read-Along tab just to the left.

Just some thoughts I had while reading the chapter:

  • It’s interesting that ravens are the birds connected with dwarves. They are incredibly intelligent birds, yet usually classed with crows as harbingers of death and doom.
  • Another dwarf song! I personally tend to think of music as something more for relaxation but dwarf music is very martial; even Bilbo thinks so. I guess it makes sense then that when they’ve got two armies bearing down on them, they all sit down with their harps and start singing.
  • The last part of this chapter makes me cringe. You’ve got two incredibly proud, angry, and completely unyielding leaders who refuse to compromise. Thorin behaves like a…

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