For desperate Whovians…

Those of you still mourning my on-hiatus Doctor Who reviews and longing for in-depth discussions of your favorite episodes may want to pop over to them0vieblog, where Darren has recently reviewed the Ninth and Eleventh Doctors’ respective debuts. He’s also got reviews of the Tenth Doctor specials, which you can find organized at his Reviews Hub.

Quite frankly, Darren is a much better and more interesting writer about things cinematic and televisional than I am. He’s also more prolific and very good about responding to comments. Since I haven’t yet re-started my Who reviews — but very much miss the discussions the previous ones engendered! — I urge all who are interested to visit Darren and benefit from his thoughtful analyses.



  1. Darren says:

    Thank you for your links and your excessively kind words. Personally, I think I go on a bit much.

    I am actually planning to do most of the revived series and a significant chunk of the classic series for the 50th anniversary. (I am hoping, at a minimum to do all of 5-9 inclusive, and finish up the 11 stuff I’m doing live as well – his first season is the only one I didn’t do “live”.)

    1. David says:

      You’re welcome. I also go on quite a bit and have a tendency to ramble, and I’m grateful to my readers for putting up with it. I’ve appreciated your reviews very much. You seem to really try to understand a film or episode rather than merely react to it.

      I look forward to the next ones! It’s been almost two years since I’ve seen the Ninth Doctor’s series but I still remember the feeling of jumping into that universe when it was all new to me.

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