Short Film: “Paperman”

There's something romantic about black-and-white films.
There’s something romantic about black-and-white films.

I was going to put a slightly-snarky-but-actually-pretty-sincere clever quip right here, but it contained a spoiler, and I don’t feel like spoiling the sweet little surprise of such a short film. Disney itself, as separate from Pixar, hasn’t been doing so well in the animated features department for a few years (with the possible exception of <em>Tangled</em>, which I still haven’t seen), but here they’ve produced a short film easily as charming as anything their better half can make. No doubt John Lasseter producing has something to do with that, but likely much credit goes to director John Kahrs as well. Well done, chaps, well done.


  1. jubilare says:

    Wow. You know, I am not sure I have had such a range of emotional responses in so short of a time before. There was tension, sweetness, creepiness (I may have a mild paper-plane phobia now), weirdness and hilarity all within six minutes.

    Also, you have to tell me that quip, now. No holding out.

    1. David says:

      It was more of a pithy summary, something like: “In this charming Disney short, magic paper airplanes press gang two young people into a romantic relationship.” I didn’t spend much time trying to refine it before rejecting it.

      And yeah, there’s something a teensy bit creepy about sentient paper airplanes stalking people and herding them in certain directions. Someone with a macabre sense of humor could make a horror story out of that idea. I’m very glad they didn’t, though.

      1. jubilare says:

        Press-ganged is about right. I, too, am glad the paper planes were benevolent. I really would me scared of them now, otherwise. O_o

  2. Mary says:

    I saw this yesterday! It’s such a lovely little film.

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