Short Film: “The Girl and the Fox” (2011)

“The Girl and the Fox”

Premise: A young girl who lives in the wilderness with her family takes it upon herself to hunt a fox that has been killing their livestock.

I like short movies like this. It’s a simple, sweet concept well-drawn and animated. The characters have bold, clear designs, uncluttered by unnecessary lines, but they move through landscapes of subtle shades (that, while almost certainly digitally drawn, look like watercolors). The music is smooth and ethereal to bring out the emotions, but is grounded by the natural sounds of the forest; as the high flute and lyrical strings play, we hear birds twittering and leaves rustling. The central concept of the story is a bit romantic and not likely to happen in real life (though I have heard stories of wild animals showing uncharacteristic care for humans), but there’s a layer of reality at its foundation: the girl’s family needs their livestock in order to survive the winter, and likewise the fox needs to eat in order to avoid starvation. The success of “The Girl and the Fox,” apart from the beauty of its art and sounds, is that it acknowledges this reality while still telling a tender almost-fairy-tale.

The Girl and the Fox from Base14 on Vimeo.

Congratulations to the team who made this for the awards it has received.

The movie’s official site.


  1. Kelly Orazi says:

    Oh wow, this is just beautiful. You’ve managed to sum up all my feelings about it, so I don’t have much to add. But thank you for sharing 🙂

    1. David says:

      You’re welcome! Glad you liked it.

  2. jubilare says:

    That’s really beautiful.

    1. David says:

      It is rather nice, isn’t it?

  3. jubilare says:

    *prods David with a stick* You alive, laddy? Has life gobbled you up?

    1. David says:

      Eh, sort of. Not at my best (but I suppose “my best” is rare enough). I’m preparing a return to these pages, though. Thanks for the thought. +)

      1. jubilare says:

        None of us even knows what our best is, yet. ^_~
        But I sympathize. I hope you have some renewal coming your way soon.

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