Short Film: “Oktapodi” (2007)

For some reason I never thought to share this one before. It was one of the very first animated shorts that I discovered on YouTube, and it’s equally hilarious every time I watch it. My niece and nephews also get a kick out of it. There’s a madcap, slapstick brilliance to it that reminds me of both Looney Tunes and Buster Keaton. But what are words in the face of it? I can say this, however: Oktapodi features one of the most entertaining car chases I’ve seen in any film, long or short. And there’s only one car involved.

It’s also kind of a sweet love story.

Another gem from Gobelins l’école. Here is more information about the filmmakers.


  1. Oh, I’m dyin! Pink octopus’s last expression is classic.

    By the way, I assume from your post that you’ve seen some Buster Keaton. Any suggestions for someone who hasn’t and is curious?

    1. To be honest, I’m more familiar with Chaplin (and heartily recommend “City Lights” and “The Kid” especially, which will make you guffaw and weep in good measure), and haven’t yet seen a full Buster Keaton. First on my Keaton list is “The General,” though, it being his most famous film. I drew the comparison from the clips I’ve seen of Keaton where he focuses more on outrageous and dangerous physical stunts than Chaplin.

      1. Having seen more of (or only) Chaplin seems pretty common, but I’ve heard that Keaton was a master of physical comedy. Hmm. I shall have to do some digging.

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