A new epic rises, and it’s looking for a title

I am near to quivering with excitement and glee.

My dear friend and accomplished artist/writer/tree-climbing crazyperson Michelle has finally kicked her long-gestating webcomic into gear. Please hop on over to read the first page of Epic Title Here!

Skittlebright likes tea.
Skittlebright likes tea.

It already has floating islands, aromatic teas, Krishna, Quetzalcoatl, and some guy who looks Sumerian, so I’m guessing he’s Gilgamesh. And two other probably-original characters who will likely become very important very soon. I don’t know, we’ll have to read and find out. The story promises to be about a young woman searching for a story, and that’s a quest I can certainly relate to. It also promises a cat named Sophocles, which I think we can all agree is something the Internet desperately needs.

Sophocles wants you to read his webcomic.
Sophocles wants you to read her webcomic.

Author: David

I’m a young Christian American reader writer dreamer wanderer walker flier listener talker scholar adventurer musician word-magician romantic critic religious idealist optipessimist man.

2 thoughts on “A new epic rises, and it’s looking for a title”

  1. DAVID. Look what you did.

    Thanks so much! You have ever been encouraging. Wow. I’m all sheepish! AHha.

    (And the blue guy DOES look like Krishna, now that I look him up. I meant him to be Rama. Hopefully that will make his appearance make a little more sense down the road…)

    1. Whoops! And I think I misidentified the bearded guy as Gilgamesh, since page 2 mentions a Gil, and the reference to something unfortunately being opened just as shore was in sight turns my classicist mind to the Odyssey.

      Two pages in and there’s already detective work for the avid fans! Not bad at all. +) God’s blessings on the rest of this project. And thanks for stopping by!

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