A Major Award

My major award for the Lantern Hollow Press story contest!


It’s rather silly, actually…+)


Author: David

I’m a young Christian American reader writer dreamer wanderer walker flier listener talker scholar adventurer musician word-magician romantic critic religious idealist optipessimist man.

16 thoughts on “A Major Award”

    1. Hurrah for publication! That’s great news; I will have to pay closer attention to their E-zine so I can read them.

      I fare okay, though obviously not as lively online as I used to be. This place is not utterly abandoned, though, and I do keep tabs on all the blogs that I follow. Heh, I’ve probably done more doodling of silly cartoons than actual fiction writing in the past few months, but I’ve at least one very short story I’m working on that’s a riff on some Celtic mythology tropes. It’s got an atmospheric beginning, which I always like, but even though I know what happens next, the actual character actions and dialogue always freeze me. I can summarize well enough that “Character 1 demands this of Character 2, Character 2 reacts this way, &etc.” and I can often see it in my head, but figuring out their diction and exact body language can be harder (though fun when you get it right).

      1. They’re both poems you’ve read before, though refined a tad. 🙂

        Post some of your silly cartoons here for us? I could use some extra silliness. Guess what. I’m an aunt! Earlier than we expected, but everyone is doing well. I was actually in surgery when my sister-in-law suddenly had to have a c-section. Quite a surprise to me when I woke up. O_O

        Not sure if it works the same way for you, but the best way that I know is to hammer out that imperfect version, just going with whatever comes out, and then leaving it for a few days. Come back, then, and somehow the dialog and behavior falls into place a lot easier.

        1. Congrats on being an aunt! I love being an uncle; my sister’s kids are seriously three of my best friends. Very glad your sister-in-law and family are doing well. For that matter, how are you doing now, medically? I know that question isn’t always easy to answer, but I remember your wonderful news of the tumor’s shrinking earlier this year, and I hope that your health and comfort have increased.

          Haha, well, these doodles are hardly what my long-suffering readers deserve after so many quiet months here, but if you insist…

  1. Thank you! I am really looking forward to it. I’m going to do some books on mp3 for him for when he’s older, in case we live too far away for me to read to him on a regular basis. 😛

    As for me, I am technically cancer free! However, since my treatment up to this point was experimental, they are going to finish out the “standard of care” anyway to make sure. That means I have started Chemotherapy, and will be on that until January 1. It’s going to be very “not fun,” but I’ll make it through. In any case, Fall has my muse active, which is very helpful.

    Thank you! You are a good internet friend. 🙂

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