Spammity Spam the Magnificent Seventh

Spampoetry in motion?


Egads, it’s been a long time since I’ve done one of these! But I went to check my spam filter today and, once I’d deleted a heinous amount of the typical filthy offenders, found some that were uniquely odd and shareable.

First, we have a mostly boring one in which fantastic words suddenly appear without warning. From jimmimugh:

You can expend the magnitude in profitable off your telephony bills, through with which they will retrieve the loan amount of money on your next payday. Today, this kind of payday loan is hard offered online for your cash speedily due to a ephemeral lack of pecuniary resource. The finances are not allowed if contented loan postulation kind on-line and state it.

Telephony bills. Ephemeral lack of pecuniary resource. Postulation. Words that need more everyday usage.

And then there were the Spambot Poets. Practitioners of a rare art, in which the unplanned juxtapositions of common verbiage fall into aesthetic patterns vaguely resembling order and tempting us with the illusory possibility of meaning.

Oh drat, they even brought out the lapsed English major in me.

Perhaps , the feeling is nutrition , communication is rain , love flowers , in a heartbeat that moment on, your appreciation , my love, your good heart , my love more deeply embrace the moment , write down the temperature I have fond memories of your lifetime , drag on forever , pain and miss .


I think it must be very far distant place, and how far the distance , I do not know , maybe the Twins distance , across a few mountains ; perhaps the heart of the distance, life can not reach shore.

One question, though: what’s “the Twins distance”? The distance one can throw a Minnesota Twin?

Author: David

I’m a young Christian American reader writer dreamer wanderer walker flier listener talker scholar adventurer musician word-magician romantic critic religious idealist optipessimist man.

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