Thank God for the Irish!

Greetings and well met, friends. Perhaps you remember my review of The Secret of Kells (2009) some time ago, and how much I liked that movie about the beautiful illustrated Bible that “turns darkness into light.” It’s a beautiful movie in many ways, not least because its art is a simple joy to behold. However, if there was one thing the movie could have used more of, it’s the Book of Kells itself. Such glimpses the movie gives us of its brightly colored illuminations is only enough to whet the appetite.

Fortunately, that appetite may now be sated. In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, Trinity College Dublin has made available for free viewing online the entirety of the Book of Kells, scanned digitally so that every colored line can be clearly seen. Follow the link to enjoy the beauty of art that glorifies God!

Book of Kells folio 5


Author: David

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