Book Meme 2012

Done by most participants from April to June 2012, this meme has but ten topics and a once-a-week schedule. Lazybones that I am, I finished only on July 12.

Blogger-friends Doing This Meme Now
The Egotist’s Club
The Bookwyrm’s Lair

N.B. If you are participating in this meme and I haven’t listed you, just let me know and I’ll link to you!

Week 1 – Book character(s) you have had a crush on
Leslie Burke and Gwyneth Blair
Week 2 – Book(s) you would give a theme song to
“Red Wine” by Mannheim Steamroller with Phantastes by George MacDonald, and two extra pairings
Week 3 – Best villain
The White Witch
Week 4 – Best love story
Gwyneth Blair and Judd Cauley
Week 5 – Characters and literary figures you’d name your children after
Mariel of Redwall and Alan Breck Stewart
Week 6 – Author by whom you own the most books
Franklin W. Dixon
Week 7 – Favorite words and phrases, Or lines and literary allusions that would win your heart
The Song of Solomon
Week 8 – Best Story Setting
Arda (Middle-earth)
Week 9 – Book(s) to bring on your honeymoon
A blank notebook
Week 10 – Book(s) to help restart civilization after an apocalypse
Necessarily, the Bible; but it’d be nice to have Aristotle’s Politics, too.

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