Book Review: “Lord of the Isles” by David Drake

Not a very attractive cover.

Title: Lord of the Isles
Author: David Drake
Format: Novel; first in series of 9
Pages: 625
Published: 1997, by Tor
Reason for Beginning: I grabbed a used copy for $1 at a university library sale, and wanted to read a fantasy about which I knew nothing. This fit the bill.
Reason for Finishing: Sheer dogged stubbornness.
Spoiler-free Synopsis: In a world that is essentially a large archipelago, the young, handsome residents of a small seaport find themselves drawn into the struggles and intrigue surrounding the archipelago’s sovereignty, while “the elemental forces that empower magic are rising to a thousand-year peak” (cover jacket). A complicated, but ultimately fairly standard, fantasy quest ensues. Read more