Artists hearken; seek Poesy for inspiration!

Melodramatic title for this post aside, I really would love to see an artist’s interpretation of this poem by Donald T. Williams. I’m finally near the end of his book of theological and fantastical poetry entitled Stars Through the Clouds, published by Lantern Hollow Press, which I will indeed review in whole, but I wanted to share this one poem right now. It’s quite good, I think, and conjures a powerful, striking image that is just waiting for a visual interpretation.

A Parable for Demythologizers: To Rudolf Bultmann

Donald T. Williams

“We come with rusty hatchets to chop down
Old Yggdrasil, the mightiest of trees;
We come with buckets full of air to drown
Old Triton, ruler of the seven seas.

For we are Modern Men, the heirs of Time,
And won’t be ruled by anything that’s gone
Before. So if we think it more sublime
To exorcise Aurora from the dawn,

Then who is there who dares to say us nay?”
And so the desert wind swept through their minds
And found no obstacle placed in its way
To stop the stinging dust, the sand that blinds.

Blistered, parched, and withered, one by one,
They fell  beneath the branches of the Tree,
Succumbing to the unrelenting Sun
In cool, green shade beside the roaring sea.