“The Rose of Silence”: A Celtic poem by Ella Young

I cannot claim much knowledge of Ella Young beyond her Wikipedia article, nor have I studied this poem. But it seems to speak of a little bit of myth, something magical and beautiful, and I like it.

The Rose of Silence

By Ella Young (1867 – 1956)

In a green stillness hidden from sun and moon

Under the sea,

A blossom swings by the High-Queen’s doon.*

On a silver tree;

And every poet has dreamed since time begun

Of that hidden place,

But only those who have said farewell to the sun

May come to the doon by the silver tree

Or find in hollow or height,

Under the still green tideless sea

The Rose of Silence and Night.


The Book of Celtic Verse, ed. John Matthews. New York: Metro Books, 2010, 21.