Short Story Review: “Long Time” by Rick Norwood

Title: “Long Time”
Author: Rick Norwood
Format: Short Story
Pages: about 16, but in a small page format
Published: in the January/February 2011 issue of The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction
Reason for Beginning: It appeared to about an immortal man in ancient Sumeria.
Reason for Finishing: It retells The Epic of Gilgamesh with a potentially interesting twist.
Spoiler-free Synopsis: An existential immortal man observes the petty, arrogant king Gilgamesh as he tries to become famous and immortal. The myth is ruthlessly deconstructed.
Story Re-readability: Writing style is decent, but I didn’t like it enough to reread it.
Author Re-readability: This particular story wasn’t one I cared for, but his style is good enough that I would give him another chance, especially if it also involved mythology.
Recommendation: Unless you’re studying the usage of ancient myths in modern literature, then no, not really. Read more