Book Review: “Merlin” by Stephen Lawhead

Lawhead’s focus in this book is the life of the wondrous man Merlin from his childhood to his protection of the infant Arthur and his creating of the Sword in the Stone.


Library Booksale Raid #2

First things first: I have a warm welcome to offer Autumn on this midnight of its equinox (or rather, the midnight after its equinox)...except that Autumn hasn't yet shown up where I am. In fact, the last couple of days have felt like blazing midsummer. Which irks me, as Autumn is my favorite of the … Continue reading Library Booksale Raid #2

Book Review: “Taliesin” by Stephen R. Lawhead

Title: Taliesin Series: Book One of The Pendragon Cycle Author: Stephen R. Lawhead Pages: 486 Published: 1987 Spoiler-free Synopsis: “Taliesin is the remarkable adventure of Charis, the Atlantean princess who escaped the terrible devastation of her homeland, and of the fabled seer and druid prince Taliesin, singer at the dawn of the age. It is … Continue reading Book Review: “Taliesin” by Stephen R. Lawhead