Book Meme Day 21: Favorite Book From Childhood

Another difficult pick, seeing as different books might be considered my favorite at different sections of my childhood. But perhaps the one which holds my interest the most, even now, is: Saint George and the Dragon, retold from Edmund Spenser’s Faerie Queene by Margaret Hodges, and wonderfully illustrated by Trina Schart Hyman. In the daysContinue reading “Book Meme Day 21: Favorite Book From Childhood”

Book Meme Day 20: Favorite Romance in a Book

Ah! Finally, a good topic. It’s…uh…hmm…well, now…*scratches head* This is a little harder than I thought. I’ve already written of my love for the story of Beren and Lúthien, and I do not want to repeat myself here. Plus, while it is an amazing and romantic story, it is told in the myth format, andContinue reading “Book Meme Day 20: Favorite Romance in a Book”

Book Meme Day 19: Favorite Film Adaptations of Books

I have already modified the original meme to allow for multiple choices, and I will now modify it even more to allow for multiple meanings of this exceedingly vague topic. The original topic of “favorite book turned into a movie” does not allow for substantially different books for me to feature than the previous topics,Continue reading “Book Meme Day 19: Favorite Film Adaptations of Books”

Book Meme Day 18: A Book That Disappointed Me

And how, exactly, is this different from “overrated?” I suppose there is a technical distinction: an overrated book is specifically one that failed to live up to its hype by other people, whereas a disappointing book failed to live up to your own personal expectations, even as they may differ from those of other readers.Continue reading “Book Meme Day 18: A Book That Disappointed Me”

Book Meme Day 17: My Favorite Quote From Some of My Favorite Books

Memetic modification is the order again. I neither want to spoil the “surprise” of my final choice for favorite book (which of course will not be “final” and could in fact end up being multiple books), nor limit myself to the impossible task of one favorite passage. Some of my favorite books, like The LordContinue reading “Book Meme Day 17: My Favorite Quote From Some of My Favorite Books”

Book Meme Day 16: My Favorite Female Character

Returning to my two ways of defining favorite from Day 15, I find it difficult to think of female characters who would be strong favorites in either category. Not to say I haven’t read about many extraordinary, admirable, and attractive women in fiction, but simply that most of the characters that seem to get mostContinue reading “Book Meme Day 16: My Favorite Female Character”

Book Review: “A Wrinkle in Time” by Madeleine L’Engle

Title: A Wrinkle in Time Series: First in the Time Quintet, but each book works as standalone Author: Madeleine L’Engle Pages: 232 Published: 1962 Spoiler-free Synopsis: On a dark and stormy night, three strange visitors whisk away three children for an interplanetary adventure to fight an evil shadow that threatens the universe. Reason for Beginning:Continue reading “Book Review: “A Wrinkle in Time” by Madeleine L’Engle”

Book Meme Day 15: My Favorite Male Character

The difficulty has been deciding whether my favorite male character is defined as the most admirable, or as the one in whom I am most interested as a person. I must go with the latter. He is not the most admirable, nor is he a model for how to live one’s life. His flaws areContinue reading “Book Meme Day 15: My Favorite Male Character”

Book Meme Day 14: My Favorite Books by my Favorite Writers

From Tolkien, The Silmarillion. In addition to containing one of my favorite stories, period, in Of Beren and Lúthien, the book also contains all the best, most formative stories of Tolkien’s mythology of Arda (the term referring to his entire invented world, of which Middle-Earth is but a continent). The Ainulindalë section, in which theContinue reading “Book Meme Day 14: My Favorite Books by my Favorite Writers”

Book Meme Day 13: My Favorite Writer(s)

J.C.R.S.R. Tolewkienis. Ahem. WELL? Does anyone seriously have an objection? Ah well, perhaps I should spend a few words explaining the obvious. These writers have defined my imaginative life from my youth. They are my teachers, my mentors, my guides, and the poets for the songs of my soul. So often it seems that theyContinue reading “Book Meme Day 13: My Favorite Writer(s)”