Classic Remarks: Which classic book should have a sequel?

Which classic book do you wish had a sequel, and why? In trying to brainstorm a list for this post, I was assaulted by the feeling that I have not read enough of the classics of world literature. Which classic book do I wish had a sequel? First off, which classic books have I actuallyContinue reading “Classic Remarks: Which classic book should have a sequel?”

Heroes of Old: Alexander the Great

You may recall how I thought one of the more exciting parts of The Habitation of the Blessed—Catherynne Valente’s reworking of the legends of Prester John’s magical kingdom deep in central Asia—was how she worked in a legend regarding Alexander the Great building a massive wall to imprison the evil giants Gog and Magog. AsContinue reading “Heroes of Old: Alexander the Great”

Ruminations on “Beowulf”, Treasure, and Generosity

Hwæt! Today, I feel like talking about Beowulf. One of the most fascinating aspects of Beowulf is that it is essentially a pagan heroic epic, yet it was written by a Christian for a Christian audience.  Naturally, there is an unmistakable contrast between the pagan themes inherent in the story and the Christian themes thatContinue reading “Ruminations on “Beowulf”, Treasure, and Generosity”

Book Review: “Lilith” by George MacDonald

An entrancing and utterly unique, unpredictable story, full of the beauty, the gravitas, and possibly the underlying reality of dreams.Rarely has the fantasy genre been so amazingly used to communicate the gospel.

Book Meme Day 30: Favorite Book of All Time

Well if you are going to deal in absolutes, then fine. The Holy Bible. Old and New Testaments. Not a word more nor a word less. Preferably the New American Standard translation, but as long as a translation is meticulously accurate, it counts as my favorite. You see, there really is no book nearly asContinue reading “Book Meme Day 30: Favorite Book of All Time”

Book Meme Day 29: A Book I Liked But Everyone Else Hated

I am somewhat puzzled as to how this differs from a book that is underrated, seeing as both involve a case where I value a book higher than an unspecified group of other people. However, since I have neither the time nor the desire, at the moment, to redefine the meme, I shall merely redefineContinue reading “Book Meme Day 29: A Book I Liked But Everyone Else Hated”

Book Meme Day 26: A Book That Changed Your Mind About Something

Sometimes it is hard to distinguish between a book that changed your opinion, a book that taught you something new, and a book that flat-out amazed you with its uniqueness. You must forgive me if I allow these definitions to blend. Regardless of your thoughts, if any, on women authors and racial prejudices in earlyContinue reading “Book Meme Day 26: A Book That Changed Your Mind About Something”

Book Meme Day 25: A Character To Whom You Can Relate

I nearly gave up on this post. The difficulty of finding an answer for this meme topic distressed me. For a bibliophile to be faced with an inability to choose a single literary character he very much relates to is a troubling concept, for is that not one of the highest purposes of stories, toContinue reading “Book Meme Day 25: A Character To Whom You Can Relate”