“The Hobbit” Read-Along, Chapter 19: “The Last Stage”

[Sorry for the lag for this final post of our magnificent Read-Along for The Hobbit. In Melpomene’s absence, I’m filling in to offer my thoughts on the end to Tolkien’s fairy story.] Chapter 19 The Last Stage Sing we now softly, and dreams let us weave him! Wind him in slumber and there let usContinue reading ““The Hobbit” Read-Along, Chapter 19: “The Last Stage””

“The Hobbit” Read-Along Chapter 1: “An Unexpected Party”

Chapter 1 An Unexpected Party (In which I tell you things I thought while reading the first chapter of J.R.R. Tolkien’s Hobbit.) You can nearly hear it: the squirming under the blankets, the excited whispers from little voices, the occasional giggle or outright laughter, and, perhaps, the interrupting questions which are bound to pepper anyContinue reading ““The Hobbit” Read-Along Chapter 1: “An Unexpected Party””

“The Hobbit” Read-Along Schedule

Hail, lo, and behold! We have a preliminary schedule for The Hobbit Read-Along! In addition to myself, we have nine participants to split among nineteen chapters. As the host, I have taken the responsibility of the first chapter for myself—unless someone else greatly desires it for themselves, in which case I will happily exchange itContinue reading ““The Hobbit” Read-Along Schedule”

Hobbit Read-Along Brainstorm

As you all should know and be unbelievably excited about, the first installment of The Hobbit trilogy directed by Peter Jackson will be released in U.S. theaters December 14 of this year. Mild Tolkien purist and sometimes übergeek that I am, I like to be up on my Tolkien source material whenever an adaptation comesContinue reading “Hobbit Read-Along Brainstorm”