TV Show Review: Fox’s Peter Pan and the Pirates

Not too crazy about the look of the title screen, but it does have a certain colorful flair.

Series: Fox’s Peter Pan and the Pirates
Season.Episode: 1.1 “Coldest Cut of All”
Original Air Date: 8 September 1990
Length: about 30 minutes
Writers: Karen Willson, Chris Weber
Voice Actors: Peter = Jason Marsden; Wendy Darling = Christina Lange; Tinkerbell = Debi Derryberry (yes that’s her real name); Captain Hook = Tim Curry!
Spoiler-free Synopsis: Peter steals a magical stone from the Ice-King, who declares war on him and the Lost Boys in order to get it back.
Reason for Watching: Mentioned by the Nostalgia Critic as an underrated gem of a kids’ animated show. Plus, the concept of the further adventures of Peter Pan is a great one! Read more