Short Film: “Oktapodi” (2007)

For some reason I never thought to share this one before. It was one of the very first animated shorts that I discovered on YouTube, and it’s equally hilarious every time I watch it. My niece and nephews also get a kick out of it. There’s a madcap, slapstick brilliance to it that reminds meContinue reading “Short Film: “Oktapodi” (2007)”

Short Film: “The Girl and the Fox” (2011)

“The Girl and the Fox” Premise: A young girl who lives in the wilderness with her family takes it upon herself to hunt a fox that has been killing their livestock. I like short movies like this. It’s a simple, sweet concept well-drawn and animated. The characters have bold, clear designs, uncluttered by unnecessary lines,Continue reading “Short Film: “The Girl and the Fox” (2011)”

Short Film: “Metro” and an update

Firstly, I apologize for the egregious lack of updating for the past two weeks. It was not what I had expected of myself. In fact, this whole year has been pretty bad as far as planned reviews go. I’ve been very busy with life stuff, but I’ve also gotten lazy. Fortunately, my reviews of theContinue reading “Short Film: “Metro” and an update”

Short Film: “Night Light”

I promise, an actual Post of Original Content will come before too long. I’ve got the Meme to finish and a bunch of other overdue stuff as well. But first, another pretty animated short film. I had to watch it twice to understand what was going on, because it flies by so quickly, but it’sContinue reading “Short Film: “Night Light””

Short Film: “Dinosaur Battle Town”

Now how can you resist a name like that? Dinosaur Battle Town is a short animated movie that happily delivers exactly what it promises, logic be hanged! For a short, experimental medium like this, I don’t bother to question the practicality of building a town on the back of a massive living dinosaur. That’s besideContinue reading “Short Film: “Dinosaur Battle Town””

Short Film: “The Lighthouse Keeper” by Gobelins School of the Image

Those who know me personally may be aware of my peculiar fascination with lighthouses. The romance and symbolism of those beacons attracts me, romances me, and causes me to think of important things. The vital responsibilities, the potential loneliness of the keepers, the beauty and conflict of the two worlds, land and sea, meeting atContinue reading “Short Film: “The Lighthouse Keeper” by Gobelins School of the Image”

Short Film: “After the rain” by Gobelins School of the Image

Fishing with bananas as bait can catch you some strange creatures, apparently. This may be my favorite of the Gobelins short films so far. It’s a real story, for one. It’s funny, beautiful, energetic, touching, and pretty understandable (despite a heavily fantastic nature). A perfect example is how the blue creature moves: it breaks allContinue reading “Short Film: “After the rain” by Gobelins School of the Image”