TV Show Review: Doctor Who Episodes 3.04 – 3.05 “Daleks in Manhattan” & “Evolution of the Daleks”

“[In 1930s New York] The Doctor and Martha confront a host of surviving Daleks from the Canary Wharf battle. What are those creatures in the sewers? And why are the Cult Of Skaro attempting to create a Dalek/Human hybrid…?”

Epic TV Show Review! “Doctor Who: Series 2”

Read my review of Series 1 here and my review of the 2005 Christmas Episode, “The Christmas Invasion,” here. Barely Related Note: A Doctor Who/Highlander crossover series would be so indescribably awesome and beautiful that I can’t believe it hasn’t been done already. BBC Wales, please take note! You don’t have to credit me withContinue reading “Epic TV Show Review! “Doctor Who: Series 2””