Guest Post on The Egotist’s Club

I have contributed a guest post to The Egotist’s Club. It was actually written a few years ago, but when dusted off seemed to fit well into their spirit of enjoying the magic of life viewed through the lens of Christ. Hop over and have some fun exploring the rest of their excellent blog! KingContinue reading “Guest Post on The Egotist’s Club”

Book Meme Day 30: Favorite Book of All Time

Well if you are going to deal in absolutes, then fine. The Holy Bible. Old and New Testaments. Not a word more nor a word less. Preferably the New American Standard translation, but as long as a translation is meticulously accurate, it counts as my favorite. You see, there really is no book nearly asContinue reading “Book Meme Day 30: Favorite Book of All Time”

Book Meme Day 8: An Overrated Book

I actually didn’t have many options to choose from, since I’m usually discerning enough in my reading that the chances of me choosing a book I don’t like are pretty low. As such, my primary source of bad books has been school. And of these, there was one in particular that everyone – critics, professors,Continue reading “Book Meme Day 8: An Overrated Book”