Another Major Award!

No, still not a lamp. Leg. Statue. “Yeah! A staaaatue!” “Ralphie!” I’ve been given the prestigiously obscure Liebster Award, in which one blogger with fewer than 200 followers writes trivia and answers to random questions about themselves, and then tags a bunch of other bloggers with fewer than 200 followers to write more trivia andContinue reading “Another Major Award!”

In Memoriam: Roger Ebert (1942-2013)

Roger Ebert, respected film critic for the Chicago Sun-Times and arguably the most popular and influential man in the history of his profession, passed away Thursday, April 4, 2013. He was also the greatest blogger the Internet has yet seen. Since this blog would be very different if I had never read him, it seemsContinue reading “In Memoriam: Roger Ebert (1942-2013)”

Movie Review: “Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time” (2010)

Title: Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time (2010) IMDb Director: Mike Newell Lead Actors: Jake Gyllenhaal (Dastan), Gemma Arterton (Tamina), Ben Kingsley (Nizan), Alfred Molina (Sheik Amar) Score Composer: Harry Gregson-Williams Length: 116 min. Rating (US): PG-13 for intense sequences of violence and action. Spoiler-free Synopsis: “Set in the mystical lands of Persia, aContinue reading “Movie Review: “Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time” (2010)”

Book Meme Day 19: Favorite Film Adaptations of Books

I have already modified the original meme to allow for multiple choices, and I will now modify it even more to allow for multiple meanings of this exceedingly vague topic. The original topic of “favorite book turned into a movie” does not allow for substantially different books for me to feature than the previous topics,Continue reading “Book Meme Day 19: Favorite Film Adaptations of Books”

Movie Review: “Steamboy” (2004)

Title: Steamboy (2004) IMDb Director: Katsuhiro Ôtomo Lead Voice Actors (English): Anna Paquin (Ray Steam), Alfred Molina (Dr. Eddie Steam), Patrick Stewart (Dr. Lloyd Steam) Musical Score: Steve Jablonsky (sample here) Length: 126 minutes Rating (US): Rated PG-13 for action violence. Spoiler-free Synopsis: “In [alternate] 1860s Britain, a boy inventor finds himself caught in theContinue reading “Movie Review: “Steamboy” (2004)”

Movie Review: “Peter Pan” (2003)

Title:Peter Pan (2003) IMDb Director: P.J. Hogan (based on the play by J.M. Barrie) Lead Actors: Jeremy Sumter (Peter Pan), Rachel Hurd-Wood (Wendy), Jason Isaacs (Mr. Darling/Hook), Richard Briers (Smee), Ludivine Sagnier (Tinkerbell) Score Composer: James Newton Howard Length: 113 minutes MPAA Rating: “Rated PG for adventure action sequences and peril.” Spoiler-free Synopsis: Fun andContinue reading “Movie Review: “Peter Pan” (2003)”

Movie Review: “The Eagle” (2011)

The Eagle should appeal to movie-lovers who are frustrated with the way modern action movies prefer to ignore story and character in favor of rushing from bloody killing to bloody killing. It’s an exciting adventure that really does care about the characters and their relationship.

Movie Review: It’s A Wonderful Life (1946)

Title: It’s A Wonderful Life (1946) Director: Frank Capra Actors: James Stewart, Donna Reed, Lionel Barrymore Score Composer: Dmitri Tiomkin! (a generally awesome composer, being appropriately restrained here, I think) Length: 130 minutes Rating (US): Un-rated, since it was before the MPAA system. No objectionable content. Spoiler-free Synopsis: George Bailey, a man who has spentContinue reading “Movie Review: It’s A Wonderful Life (1946)”

Movie Review: Fantastic Mr. Fox (2009)

Title: Fantastic Mr. Fox (2009) Director: Wes Anderson Voice Actors: George Clooney, Meryl Streep, Jason Schwartzman, Michael Gambon, Bill Murray, Willem Dafoe, Eric Chase Anderson (and cameos by Owen Wilson, Brian Cox, Adrien Brody, and Mario Batali, the celebrity chef) Score Composer: Alexandre Desplat, mainly; other songs featured range from the Beach Boys to BurlContinue reading “Movie Review: Fantastic Mr. Fox (2009)”

Movie Review: Children of Men (2006)

Title: Children of Men (2006) Director: Alfonso Cuáron Lead Actors: Clive Owen, Michael Caine, Julianne Moore, Chiwetel Ejiofer, Claire-Hope Ashitey Score Composer: John Tavener Length: 1 hr., 49 minutes (109 minutes) Rating (US): R for strong violence, language, some drug use and brief nudity. Spoiler-free Synopsis: “In 2027, in a chaotic world in which humansContinue reading “Movie Review: Children of Men (2006)”