Book Meme 2012: Literary Love/Book Crush

Topic: What female character(s) have I had crushes on? Hm. Tricky topic. I can admit to, in junior high especially, feeling pangs of longing for certain girls in the books I was reading, but these didn’t really last beyond the pages of the book. It was less that I thought they would be a greatContinue reading “Book Meme 2012: Literary Love/Book Crush”

Book Review: “The Bell at Sealey Head” by Patricia McKillip

Title: The Bell at Sealey Head Series: No. Author: Patricia McKillip Pages: 227 Published: 2008 by ACE Spoiler-free Synopsis: Sealey Head is a small coastal town home to a mysterious phenomenon: the sound of a bell tolling at every sunset, with no bell to make it. For centuries the citizens have ignored and accepted itContinue reading “Book Review: “The Bell at Sealey Head” by Patricia McKillip”