Resurrection Sunday, and a story

It came into my mind this morning that it would be nice to have some sort of special Easter post. Resurrection Sunday is, after all, the most important celebration in the Christian calendar, no matter what your denomination. Had Christ not died in our place, we would not have freedom from our sin nature; hadContinue reading “Resurrection Sunday, and a story”

Easter Sunday – Anglo-Saxon Poetry Review: “The Dream of the Rood”

Title: “The Dream of the Rood” Author: Anonymous 8th century Anglo-Saxon, likely a member of a religious house. Length: 158 lines Synopsis: The nameless narrator dreams of the Cross (or “Rood,” for the archaic term) on which Christ was crucified. The Cross, finding its voice, relates to him the experience of the Crucifixion, and howContinue reading “Easter Sunday – Anglo-Saxon Poetry Review: “The Dream of the Rood””