Book Meme Day 20: Favorite Romance in a Book

Ah! Finally, a good topic. It’s…uh…hmm…well, now…*scratches head* This is a little harder than I thought. I’ve already written of my love for the story of Beren and Lúthien, and I do not want to repeat myself here. Plus, while it is an amazing and romantic story, it is told in the myth format, andContinue reading “Book Meme Day 20: Favorite Romance in a Book”

Book Meme Day 16: My Favorite Female Character

Returning to my two ways of defining favorite from Day 15, I find it difficult to think of female characters who would be strong favorites in either category. Not to say I haven’t read about many extraordinary, admirable, and attractive women in fiction, but simply that most of the characters that seem to get mostContinue reading “Book Meme Day 16: My Favorite Female Character”