Webcomic Review: “Copper”

N.B. I’m still working on my review of THE HOBBIT: AN UNEXPECTED JOURNEY. The roots of it are down, but I want to manage the difficult task of a complete and balanced review while not rambling or letting the overall length grow too long. Keep hope alive — I may be slow, but I’ve not given upContinue reading “Webcomic Review: “Copper””

Webcomic Quickies: Steampunk mages, cowboy wizards, and Turkish Lieutenants

Webcomics are one of the most fascinating art forms to have emerged in the past fifteen or so years. Though they are obviously related to print comics, the fact that they are designed for the Internet and produced independent of any publishing house gives their creators tremendous freedom of form and content. Just witness theContinue reading “Webcomic Quickies: Steampunk mages, cowboy wizards, and Turkish Lieutenants”

Webcomic Review: Lackadaisy Cats

Set in St. Louis, MO during the 1920s, the owner and employees of the friendly speakeasy Lackadaisy struggle to keep their establishment afloat against the Prohibition, deadly rival gangsters, and their own weak business sense.

Webcomic Review: Dreamless

[3/14/2011: Added link to another review. Also, since this review is not quite up to my current standard, I intend to rewrite it with more in-depth commentary and accompanying pictures.] Hm, seems like I’ll be reviewing webcomics on this blog as well. Fancy that. I just jumped 200 years in two posts! Title: Dreamless Author/Artist:Continue reading “Webcomic Review: Dreamless”