A new epic rises, and it’s looking for a title

I am near to quivering with excitement and glee. My dear friend and accomplished artist/writer/tree-climbing crazyperson Michelle has finally kicked her long-gestating webcomic into gear. Please hop on over to read the first page of Epic Title Here! It already has floating islands, aromatic teas, Krishna, Quetzalcoatl, and some guy who looks Sumerian, so I’mContinue reading “A new epic rises, and it’s looking for a title”

“Next Town Over” webcomic art contest

Erin Mehlos of the steampunk-fantasy-Western webcomic Next Town Over has an art contest going on right now, and she’s very bummed that it only has one entry so far. She announced it on September 11, but I only noticed it today. It closes on October 20, this Saturday. You can make visual art or write aContinue reading ““Next Town Over” webcomic art contest”

2012 Harvey Awards

Since I just remarked on the Hugo Awards, perhaps it’s fair to remark as well on the Harvey Awards.[1] What are the Harvey’s? The Awards for comic books and graphic novels. Here’s the list of the 2012 recipients. Alright, so the only point of interest for me is the triple win of Kate Beaton forContinue reading “2012 Harvey Awards”

Webcomic Review: “Digger” by Ursula Vernon

HEY HEY! THIS IS MY 200TH POST! THIS GIVES ME THE RIGHT TO USE ALL-CAPS, WHICH IS NORMALLY A CAPITAL OFFENSE IN MY BOOK! HEY HEY! THIS IS LIKE, SPECIAL, OR SOMETHING! +) [But seriously guys, thanks for reading my blog and having unbelievable conversations and all. Otherwise this would be a very quiet, veryContinue reading “Webcomic Review: “Digger” by Ursula Vernon”

Webcomic Review: The Phoenix Requiem

Title: The Phoenix Requiem (read here) Author: Sarah Ellerton Artist: Sarah Ellerton Published: 2007 – 2011 Pages: 800 Genre: Victorian-style fantasy romance, with mild horror elements Spoiler-free Synopsis: “On a cold December night, a gentleman stumbles into the town of Esk, gunshot wounds leaving a trail of blood in the snow behind him. Despite makingContinue reading “Webcomic Review: The Phoenix Requiem”

Webcomic Review: Lackadaisy Cats

Set in St. Louis, MO during the 1920s, the owner and employees of the friendly speakeasy Lackadaisy struggle to keep their establishment afloat against the Prohibition, deadly rival gangsters, and their own weak business sense.

Webcomic Review: Dreamless

[3/14/2011: Added link to another review. Also, since this review is not quite up to my current standard, I intend to rewrite it with more in-depth commentary and accompanying pictures.] Hm, seems like I’ll be reviewing webcomics on this blog as well. Fancy that. I just jumped 200 years in two posts! Title: Dreamless Author/Artist:Continue reading “Webcomic Review: Dreamless”