Book Meme 2012 Week 9: Honeymoon Literature

Topic: Which book(s) would you bring on your honeymoon? My instinctual response is to say that my beloved wife and I aren’t likely to be doing much reading under such a honey-filled moon…+) But cheekiness aside, and acknowledging that my unknown future lover is likely to love literature near as much as I do, thereContinue reading “Book Meme 2012 Week 9: Honeymoon Literature”

Book Meme 2012: Week 8 – Best Fictional Story Setting

Topic: Which is the best story setting? Arda. In layman’s terms, Middle-earth. [Middle-earth technically refers just to one half of a continent in which most of Tolkien’s stories take place, but the term for his entire invented world is Arda.] I am tempted to leave it at that. It’s obvious, sure. It’s unsurprising. But it’sContinue reading “Book Meme 2012: Week 8 – Best Fictional Story Setting”

Short Film: “Nano” by Gobelins School of the Image

Work has been heavy lately, and while I’m reading a lot I haven’t had so much time to write. Which is another reason I appreciate these little videos, aside from their inherent artistic and entertainment value. This one, called “Nano,” is a fun thing with a neat twist at the end. While still not beingContinue reading “Short Film: “Nano” by Gobelins School of the Image”