I rarely reblog, but this is relevant to the interests of my blog. Shadowlands is a sterling movie about C.S. Lewis’ late-in-life marriage to Joy Davidman. Darren’s review does an excellent job describing the movie’s feel and central themes.

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Shadowlands is, at its core, a very typical “weepy” romantic drama. However, it’s an exceptionally well-executed example of the genre, one that demonstrates a rather uncanny understanding about the complexities of love and loss that help it stand out from a lot of its fellow films. A superbly powerful central performance from Anthony Hopkins certainly doesn’t hurt, and Richard Attenborough’s elegant, yet unintrusive, direction allows the story to flow without ever feeling too emotionally manipulative. It’s an intelligent and well-constructed exploration of a tragic love affair, one that feels distinctly human in its approach to its subjects and themes.

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  1. Feldan says:

    How does one get ahold of Shadowlands these days? It doesn’t seem to be one of those things you can find on Netflix.

    1. David says:

      I dunno, the usual sources, I guess. Netflix has it listed here. Of course, there’s Amazon, too.

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