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Here are items I expect to review at some point in the sort-of-near future, or have already reviewed. There’s a long list somewhere of all the stuff that’s been recommended to me, but if any of you want to request an item for me, well, feel free to. No promises, but I always accept recommendations.

  • Link in (Review) leads to my completed review.
  • Link in the story title leads to someplace online where you can read the complete text or watch the movie or show.
  • Link in author’s name leads to their personal website or the story’s official website. Or, if the author does not have a website but does have many texts in the public domain that can be viewed online at a single source, then I may link to that.
  • = currently reading

Anderson, Douglas A., ed. – Tales Before Narnia (Review)
Beagle, Peter S. – The Last Unicorn (Review)
Bunyan, John – Pilgrim’s Progress (Review)
Colfer, EoinAirman (Review)
Drake, DavidThe Lord of the Isles (Review)
Fouqué, Friedrich de la Motte – Undine (Review)
Gaiman, NeilNeverwhere (Review)
Kay, Guy GavrielTigana (Review)
Lawhead, Stephen R.Taliesin (Review)
………………..Merlin (Review)
L’Engle, Madeleine‘s Time Quintet – A Wrinkle in Time (Review)
………………..A Wind in the Door (Review)
………………..A Swiftly Tilting Planet (Review)
MacDonald, George – Lilith (Review)
McKillip, Patricia – The Bell at Sealey Head (Review)
Melton, Brian – Waverly Hall: Relois (Review)
Myers, Walter DeanThe Legend of Tarik (Review)
Sanderson BrandonMistborn: The Final Empire (Review)
Stevenson, Robert Louis – Treasure Island (Review)
Sutcliff, RosemaryEagle of the Ninth (Review)
………………..Tristan & Iseult (Review)
………………..Warrior Scarlet (Review)
Tichelaar, TylerKing Arthur’s Children: A Study in Fiction and Tradition (Review)
Turner, Megan Whalen – The Thief (Review)
Valente, CatherynneThe Habitation of the Blessed: A Dirge for Prester John, Volume One (Review)
Wingrove, David, and Rand and Robyn Miller – Myst: The Book of Atrus (Review)

Short Stories
Chesterton, G.K. – “The Coloured Lands” (Review)
Foster, Alan Dean – “Ghost Wind” (Review)
Kipling, Rudyard – “The Recurring Smash” (Review)
Lawson, Chris – “Canterbury Hollow” (Review)
Marquez, Gabriel Garcia – “A Very Old Man With Enormous Wings: A Tale for Children” (Review)
Norwood, Rick – “Long Time” (Review)
Stoddard, James – “Christmas at Hostage Canyon” (Review)

[Reviews of unfinished webcomics will be further updated once the story is finished, or when there is sufficient plot development to warrant an addition to anything I’ve already said.]
Delilah Dirk and the Turkish Lieutenant (Review)
Digger by Ursula Vernon (Review)
Dreamless by Bobby Crosby and Sarah Ellerton * (Review)
Lackadaisy Cats by Tracy Butler (Review)
Next Town Over (Review)
Phoenix Requiem, The by Sarah Ellerton (Review)
Red Moon Rising (Review)

Graphic Novels
Serenity: The Shepherd’s Tale by Zack and Joss Whedon (Review)
Mouse Guard: Fall 1152 by David Petersen (Review)

(Titles link to review)

Atlantis: The Lost Empire (2001)
Children of Men (2006)
Dragon Hunters (2008)
The Eagle (2011)
Fantastic Mr. Fox (2009)
The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (2012)
How To Train Your Dragon (2010
It’s a Wonderful Life (1946)
Iron Man (2008)
Ladyhawke (1985)
Legend (1985)
Minority Report (2002)
Peter Pan (2003)
Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time (2010)
Secret of Kells, The (2009)
The Secret of Roan Inish (1993)
Star Trek (2009)
Steamboy (2004)
The White Buffalo (1977)

TV Series
Doctor Who new (2005 – Present)

Series 1 (2005) (Review)

Christmas 2.00 “The Christmas Invasion (Review)

Series 2 (2006) (Review)

Christmas 3.00 “The Runaway Bride” (Review)

Overview and 3.01 “Smith & Jones” (Review)

3.02 “The Shakespeare Code” (Review)

3.03 “Gridlock” (Review)

3.04 and 3.05 “Daleks in Manhattan” & “Evolution of the Daleks” (Review)

3.06 “The Lazarus Experiment” (Review)

3.07 “42” (Review)

3.08 and 3.09 “Human Nature” and “The Family of Blood” (Review)

Highlander: The Series (1992 – 1998) *

Season 1 (1992-3) (Review)

Season 2 (1993-4) (Review)

Fox’s Peter Pan and the Pirates (1990-91) *

1.01 “Coldest Cut of All” (1990) (Review)

Robin Hood (2006-2009, BBC) *

1.01 “Will You Tolerate This?” (Review)

1.02 “Sheriff Got Your Tongue?” (Review)

1.03 “Who Shot the Sheriff?” (Review)

1.04 “Parent Hood” (Review)

1.05 “Turk Flu” (Review)

1.06 “The Tax Man Cometh” (Review)

Tales from the Neverending Story

1.01 “Heart of Stone” (Review)

1.05 “The Gift of the Name” (Review)


7 thoughts on “Review List

  1. Reviews of Doctor Who…I’d never even considered that (I enjoyed what I skipped through and read, by the by). I’m watching series 3 now; they’re absolutely addicting! Looking forward to more on them.

    1. So addicting! I finished Series 3 awhile ago but forgot to take notes on it, so pretty soon I’m going to rewatch some of it in preparation for a review. Mostly I’m bummed that I don’t get the BBC channel, so when I catch up with the current series I’ll have to wait until it’s on DVD to know what all the fuss is about.

      Thanks for stopping by. I hope you enjoy what you find here.

  2. David,

    I have enjoyed reading several of your reviews, and have been inspired to pick up a few books that I had previously missed. Thanks for your diligent work!

    Thanks for the kind mention of the blog “While We’re Paused”. It is greatly appreciated.


    1. You’re welcome, Kami, and thanks so much for visiting! I hope you continue to enjoy the blog, as I continue to appreciate While We’re Paused.

      I’ve sent an email reply, so be on the lookout for it!

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